A level, GCSE & iGCSE Online Classes

We are excited to offer online classes and tutoring as well as traditional tutoring in London.

Online classes allow you to receive the benefits from wherever you are in the world.

Not everyone benefits from the traditional classroom environment. There are many children and adults who deal with problems such as social anxiety, bullying and stress which can make it difficult for them to speak in front of others and feel uncomfortable talking about any issues they may be having in a classroom setting.

At Oxfordshire History Teacher, we make sure our online classes are geared towards offering each student an individual learning structure. To achieve this, we offer a free consultation to discuss a learning plan, made individually for the learner and their academic abilities.

To book a free consultation, please contact us on the form below.

Adobe Connect online one to one tutoring sessions are available at £35 per hour.

Traditional Tutoring is available at £50 per hour.

A one year IGCSE or GCSE course is £400 per pupil. The class requires a minimum of 5 students to a maximum of 12 students per class.

We will from September 2020 be aiming to start a year 10 History Course, which would be completed in two years.

From September 2020 we will also be running an IGCSE past papers and textbook course at £200 per pupil, where you will receive a maximum of 30 pieces of work to be completed each week.

We also offer an AS Level History or AS Level Politics course. Both will be starting in September 2020. The courses are £950 per year with a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 12 students.

I currently have a few remaining evenings and Sundays for one-hour tutorials sessions.