FAQ for Parents

Q: How do I pay?

A: Courses are invoiced monthly on the first Tuesday of the month and can be paid by PayPal and Card.

Q: Are the lessons recorded?

A: Yes, which will be uploaded within one week of the lesson and made accessible via the website and password.

Q: How much do the lessons cost?

A: IGCSE courses are £400 each, A Level is £1280, History’s Mysteries, Philosophy and debating is £5 a lesson.

Q: Are lessons interactive?

A: Yes, all lessons are interactive and students can interact via text, private message or microphone, only the teacher will have the webcam on.

Do you set homework?

A: Reading is every week and written work is completed in class. For IGCSE and A Level further essay practice is at the end of each topic. There is no written homework for Year 7, Year 8, Philosophy, Debating and History’s mysteries courses.

Where do I take exams?

A: You will need to find your local exam centre, which may be at a school, college or an independent centre. We are partnered with Tutors & Exams so you get a discount here.