Jack the Ripper the Conclusion

The year is 1888. The beginning of Autumn has arrived, as has a murderer.

The most terrifying serial killer the East End of London has ever known has begun taking lives and mutilating the women of the City, leaving you, the newest detective of Her Majesty’s constabulary, to solve the crimes and save the innocent.

You will discover your inner sleuth as you join a host of student detectives who endeavour to discover the identity of this foul beast.

Where the Victorian police were limited, you will have the benefit of modern knowledge. Where Sherlock would have struggled, you will strive to unravel the mystery of this dark and heinous predator, each day receiving new clues, information, evidence and documentaries to bring the experience alive and sharpen your murder-solving wits between lessons. Spanning a full three weeks, on Thursday night from 7 pm to 8 pm there will be guided, live and interactive online lessons into the background, the victims and the suspects, helping you to come to your own conclusion as to who Jack the Ripper really was.

You can work as an individual (best for Mavericks and heroes), a team (with your own friends or places into a selected Victorian police unit with other players) or play as a household.


Our first course, which starts next Thursday (30/04/20), will donate all proceeds to a London ICU.

The course is normally £20 per person/household, and covers all materials and lessons from start to finish. All you will need to do is download Adobe Connect, which is free and to register your interest.

A contact section is below.


The first class will begin on Thursday the 30/04/20 finishing on the 14/05/20. You’ll receive vital new clues and information daily on new murders, suspects and the taunting Ripper letters that Jack is sending you, to discuss and develop your theories.




Contact us for more information or if you would like to register for the course.