What are they?

Symposiums originate from ancient Greece and the purpose was to discuss topics. Allowing everyone to offer opinion and thoughts on the definition of different topics. The group debates, and discusses topics that are given to them the week before. They then go off and try to research the topic and should be prepared to discuss their opinions, views and definitions in the Symposium.

The idea is to encourage, free-thinking, critical thinking, Socratic questioning, debating and public speaking.

What will the course cover?


  • What is a good life?


  • What is happiness?
  • Is the most important purpose in life to find happiness?


  • What is courage?



  • Is it more important to be respected than loved?


How to learn



  • Are we obligated to make ourselves better and will that make us happier?
  • Can achieving nothing make a person happy?
  • Can I think myself happy?


  • What is true friendship?


  • Does evil come from within?
  • Is war acceptable?
  • Where does evil come from?


  • Have gadgets and apps taken away  emotions?


  • Is there a perfect life?
  • Why do we strive for perfection if it is not attainable?

Further Questions:

  • Is everything connected?
  • Can kindness change the world?
  • What is so great about the world anyway?
  • What is the difference between grown ups and children?
  • Are the best things in life free?
  • Can one person change the world?
  • How should we treat animals?


As this is new, for this year, all we ask for is £1 per class attended. This will be totalled and billed at the end of each month.

If you are feeling generous we are accepting payment through Patreon at £5 per month.


The symposium starts at the beginning of the academic year and runs through out the year. Eventually finishing on week 35 of the school year.

The symposiums are on Monday from 1 pm to 2 pm.


If you are interested and it is Monday click on the link below:

If you are interested, please contact the school below.